Defueld – “Angel” [Self Released]

Defueld is a three-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden. The music can be described as a mix of contemporary metal and heavy rock with an emphasis on strong melodies, vocal harmonies and heavy grooves. Defueld started in 2003 as a solo project by Christoffer Wetterström. At that time, it was never his intention to make something real out of it since things were going quite well with the band he was currently in, the black metal band Darkmoon Ritual. As time went on, Darkmoon Ritual started to fade and Christoffer found himself working more and more with his solo project.

He asked Alex Ånfalk, which at the time played bass in Darkmoon Ritual, if he would be interested in joining him on rhythm guitar. A band was forming… Their debut release ´Defueld´ was a heavy, grooving, melodic masterpiece that was filled with everything from thrash metal and heavy rock to piano ballads, simply put, something for everyone. This year Defueld has released singles such as “Erase”, “A Permanent Solution”, “Leeches”, “Siren Of The Ocean”, and “Broken”. Next up, the album “Octagon” will be released the 1st of September 2023.

“Angel” , Defuled’s new single, give us a concentration of heavy rhythms, evocative voices and distorted sounds. A song with a full-bodied general sound, thanks also to a voice that gives volume and grit, making listening intense and well enhanced by instruments typical of that Alternative Metal sound with the addition of further details that amplify and attack the sound, making it deep, and thus creating the right dynamic.

Defuled , gives a sound impact of remarkable workmanship a track full of energy . A melodic and brutal sound at the same time. The band moves on different dynamics and powerful rhythmic changes.

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