Demoghilas – “Gallows Hood” (Self Release)

Demoghilas, or Alfred Bestia, this is the name of the handyman who gave birth to “Gallows Hood”, the second chapter of his solo project, with which he carries out an alternative metal concept which is coupled with an over the top look and an attitude that vaguely reminiscent of something cinematic, like “The Crow”. 

This his new album comes out as a self-production and with a strong underground vein, which translates into a not perfect disco, not a masterpiece, but still interesting and that leaves the field open for possible future developments. The disc is added to the many rock and metal record releases, but with the seed of latent music that is easy to find. “Bearminator”, “Cruel Jaws”, “I ‘at War” and “Gallows Hood” are good songs, which perhaps have some real flaws in vocal interpretation and in a recording not quite in step with the times. It looks more like a demo tape recording, maybe a little better, but we certainly don’t have a result equal to that of a band in which Demoghilas seems to be inspired, that is, Marilyn Manson or Ramnstein. 

The electronic cues, present in large quantities, are interesting, and the aptitude concept of Alfred Bestia is interesting, who tells the bitterness of life with cynicism and conviction, all revisited and enlarged to make them look like fantastic film tales. A good album, this “Gallows Hood”, which however shows a bit of immaturity in songwriting. We are certified that with the next album Demoghilas will offer something better and more refined. For now, however, sufficiency is achieved. tracklist: Devil from the Void Cruel jaws Bearminator (Apocalypse) I’m at war Apocademy Fork hood.

1. Fiend from the Void
2. Cruel Jaws
3. Bearminator (Apocalypse)
4. I’m at War
5. Apocademy
6. Gallows Hood

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