Demon King KING: Blackened Death Trio announce “The Final Tyranny”

Newly formed blackened technical death metal trio Demon King is eager to announce the release of their explosive EP, The Final Tyranny. Set for release on Friday, February 12th, 2021 via The Artisan Era. The otherworldly cover art was created by Justin si-Set Abraham known for his work with Equipoise, Inanimate Existence, Singularity, etc.

Formed in 2019, Demon King is the comeback project of prominent original Enfold Darkness guitarist Matt Brown after stepping away from playing music for a number of years. He is joined by technical wizards Malcolm Pugh (Inferi, ex-Enfold Darkness) on Bass and Jack Blackburn (ex-Inferi, ex-Vital Remains, ex-Enfold Darkness) on Drums. Together the incredibly talented trio aims to be one of the reigning champs of the death metal world.

Demon King’s multi-faceted musical foundation is built upon each member’s high level of skill along with their combined chemistry forged from playing in various bands together over the years. Both of those crucial factors intertwine to allow the group to create some truly masterful and ruthless music on The Final Tyranny. Across four dense tracks, The Final Tyranny deftly combines and shifts on a dime between technical death metal, black metal, and melodic death metal in order to create a sound all their own.

Demon King – The Final Tyranny is strongly recommended for fans of Abigor, Arsis, Dimmu Borgir, Enfold Darkness, Inferi, Naglfar, Necrophagist, Obscura, Old Man’s Child.

Demon King’s Matt Brown comments on the release of The Final Tyranny
“For this initial release, I wanted to showcase what I felt were the best elements of my writing during my time with Enfold Darkness…but stepped up and refined. In many ways, it’s a continuation of that early sound. It’s all fast and thrashy, yet lush with melody. Lyrically it’s similar too, with end-times eschatology being a major focus.”

*Stay tuned for Demon King pre-orders, and an early single coming soon.

Demon King – The Final Tyranny Tracklisting

  1. Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver
  2. Invoking the Spirit of Chaos
  3. Transmutation of the Artilect
  4. The Watcher, Wreathed in Flame

Demon King is:
Matt Brown – All Guitars | Vocals (ex-Enfold Darkness)
Malcolm Pugh – Bass (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, ex-Entheos)
Jack Blackburn – Drums (ex-Inferi, ex-Enfold Darkness, ex-Vital Remains)

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