The Detevilus Project was born in 2010 in the province of Varese, from an idea of Matteo Venegoni, former Nekrosun guitarist. Convinced on the road to self-production, the project only came to life in February 2019, once a small recording studio was set up in the house.

Referring above all to Death Metal, Progressive Metal and Djent, the style of the Detevilus Project takes elements from each of them, blending them together.

Some words about “Reborn”:

Recorded during spring / summer 2020, with a single released in July, “Reborn” is the first chapter of the Detevilus Project journey.

The album, consisting of 13 songs, is the sum of all the experiences and experiments experienced by Matteo in 10 years of his project’s life.

In fact, you can hear the most typical sounds of Death Metal, combined with plots tending to Prog, Djent cues, always with an eye to the melody. Low tunings (7 and 8 string guitars), screams and growls, sometimes reinforced by a more “clean” singing.

The topics covered are different, ranging from depression, to rediscovering one’s identity, resilience, love and passions, Mother Nature.

“Reborn” is a point of arrival, but not a stop, the journey of the Detevilus Project will resume shortly.


  1. The Mirrorn Within
  2. Origins
  3. Reborn
  4. Dark Vibes
  5. Warrior
  6. Mus
  7. Delirium
  8. Carve The Flesh
  9. Only One
  10. Stream Of Consciousness
  11. Altered State
  12. Cradle
  13. Forgive Us