DISTANT Joins Forces With INHUMAN on “(In)Human Scum

DISTANT has become an unstoppable force. After touring the US with BODYSNATCHER, ANGELMAKER, and PALEFACE the band just wrapped up their first European headlining tour with EXTORTIONIST, DAGGER THREAT, and ABBIE FALLS. Now they are dropping “(In)Human Scum”, a blistering remix of their track “Human Scum” by electronic music producer INHUMAN.

Get your eardrums wrecked on all digital platforms and click here for the visualizer: https://youtu.be/2OeuQfvh-T8
DISTANT comments: “We joined forces with INHUMAN to bring you our very first remix of Human Scum – We present you ‘(In)Human Scum’!

As this being the very first remix outside of our usual field of play, we chose to work with INHUMAN to bring his form of nastiness into our music to create something new yet still within heaviness of our music, expanding the boundaries beyond.”
INHUMAN further adds: “I am thrilled to present my remix of ‘Human Scum’ by the renowned deathcore band, DISTANT. This release merges the raw intensity of metal with the infectious energy of analog and digital electronic music production, creating a captivating fusion that pushes boundaries and defies the heaviness of classic deathcore. Prepare for an electrifying ride as I reinvent ‘Human Scum’ in a fresh sonic landscape. Through this remix, we invite you to experience the powerful convergence of two distinct musical worlds, where the driving force of metal collides with the pulsating rhythms and patterns of electronic soundscapes. Join us on this thrilling musical journey as we redefine the essence of ‘Human Scum’ with an invigorating twist. Get ready to immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fueled audio adventure.”
DISTANT recently announced their return to USA and Canada in the fall: “We are coming back to the USA, and also hitting Canada for the first time on a co-headline tour with our brothers in LEFT TO SUFFER!

The tour is supported by the Australian maniacs of JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED and the Danish bloodhounds in CABAL!”
DISTANT / Left To Suffer
Justice For The Damned, Cabal

Aug 18.23 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade (Hell)
Aug 19.23 Orlando, FL – Conduit
Aug 20.23 West Palm, FL – Respectables 
Aug 22.23 Greensboro, NC – Hanger 1819
Aug 23.23 Richmond, VA – Canal Club
Aug 24.23 Philadelphia, PA – Warehouse on Watts
Aug 25.23 Brooklyn, NY – Meadows
Aug 26.23 Boston, MA – Brighton Muic Hall
Aug 27.23 Hartford, CT Webster Underground
Aug 28.23 Bangor, ME – Queen City Cinema Club
Aug 29.23 Montreal, QC – Fairmount
Aug 30.23 Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground
Aug 31.23 Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground
Sep 01.23 Lakewood, OH – The Foundry
Sep 02.23 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
Sep 03.23 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge 
Sep 05.23 Denver, CO – Marquis
Sep 06.23 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall
Sep 08.23 – Portland, OR – Dante’s
Sep 09.23 Vancouver, BC – The Cobalt
Sep 10.23 Seattle, WA – Funhouse @ El Corazon
Sep 12.23 Sacramento, CA – Old Ironsides
Sep 13.23 Fresno, CA – Strummers
Sep 14.23 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
Sep 15.23 Mesa, AZ – Nile Underground
Sep 16.23 El Paso, TX – Rockhouse Bar & Grill 
Sep 18.23 San Antonio, TX – Vibes Underground
Sep 19.23 Ft. Worth, TX – Tulips
Sep 20.23 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
Sep 21.23 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th St
Sep 22.23 Kansas City, MO – Bottleneck
Sep 23.23 St. Louis, MO  – Old Rock House
Sep 24.23 Nashville, TN  – The End

European Summer Festivals:
22.-24.06.23 (NL) Ysselsteyn – Jera On Air
06.-08.06.23 (CZ) Velké Meziříčí – Fjatfest
05.08.23 (BE) Tournai – Triple 6 Fest 2023
More about DISTANT:

DISTANT has become one of the prominent faces of European Deathcore. Melding together brutal death metal, slam, noise and beatdown with a hyper-dissonant orchestra of impending doom, they’ve come eons since their origins as metalcore obsessed friends in Rotterdam and Bratislava. “Heritage”, the quintet’s Century Media debut and third installment of bone crushing, thick-as-concrete heaviness, takes their trademark “Downtempo/Deathcore” and pushes it into the red.

Produced by the band’s guitarist Nouri Yetgin and WITHIN DESTRUCTION guitarist Howard Fang plus co-producer Simone Pietroforte, “Heritage” is DISTANT’s coming of age and reckoning moment.

DISTANT line-up:
Alan Grnja – vocals
Elmer Maurits – bass guitar
Nouri Yetgin – lead guitar
Vladimir Golic – rhythm guitar
Jan Mato – drums

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