Ed Banger & The Kardashits launched a video-game called “The Quest”

As announced at the beginning of this summer : a couple of weeks after the official released of their debut EP, ‘Crash And Burn’, Swiss Heavy, Fast & Punk & Rockers Ed Banger and the Kardashits just launched a FPS video-game called ‘The Quest’, inspired by the story of the EP.

The band Ed Banger and the Kardashits is proud to announce the release of their video game “The Quest” which accompanies the release of their EP “Crash and Burn”.
The band wanted to make a real multimedia output by mixing music, a little comic book (included in the CD), a music video and a PC video game, all of this recounting the various adventures of the alien Ed Banger on earth. Mission is completed now with the release of “The Quest”.

The Story of the Game: After learning about life on earth, Ed Banger wanted to use music to tell his stories. For this reason he traveled through various dimensions and through time to bring together the best musicians on earth: the Kardashits. The quest to find the Kardashits is fraught with danger and your mission is to help Ed Banger reunite the Kardashits to record the best EP of all time.

The game was developed by Giuseppe Acocella (22GamZ) with Unity. This is an FPS (Quake like) for PC where you will explore the world of each Kardashits (5 worlds in total and 3 distinct levels per world). For the release of the game, the levels of Fred ‘The Shiny Knight’ (Drums), Seb ‘The North Crooner’ (Vocals) and Bourreau ‘The Butcher’ (Bass) are available. Indy (Guitar) ‘The Ultimate Rockstar’ and Drop (Recording Master) ‘The Dark Wizard of Sound’ levels will be available Q4 2021.

Mixing musicians from several major Geneva, Switzerland bands (Indy from ‘Rattlesnake’, Bourreau also known as Bison and Seb from ‘Cosmosonic’, Fred from ‘Danila’ and ‘The Trap’) Ed Banger & The Kardashits wanted to return musically to the very essence of the term “Rock” taking its main influences from bands such as The Ramones, Misfits and Motörhead.

More than just a simple another musical project, Ed Banger and the Kardashits is a global concept. Coming from the imagination of guitarist Indy, Ed Banger is as much a musical project, a videogame, short Comic strip describes our society and its shortcomings through the eyes of a being coming from another planet. Ed will tell us pieces of life slices of our reality without taking it too seriously, the Kardashits serving him as a medium to convey his stories
For fans of Misfits, Ramones, Motörhead….

Play / Dowload ‘The Quest’ Video Game for Free

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