Ed Banger & The Kardashits released debut EP “Crash and Burn”

Coming straight from the Tanqua’puv galaxy, he wanted to take a short cut through the closest wormhole he could found… The earth he thought had been destroyed by humanity was still there and he didn’t have enough time left to pull the brakes… a crash later he discovered that the only joys left on earth were rock’n’roll, alcohol, sex, video games and Star Wars.

What else do you need ?
A record ? OK, so the band just officially released its debut EP called ‘Crash And Burn’ on digital throuh the main legal platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify…).

About the EP
“Let Ed tell you the story of his adventures on earth in five thrilling songs. From his arrival on earth (Crash and Burn) to his first encounter with humans (Day after). His first love story and first break up (LSH Love Sex Hate) and his addiction to videogames (Videogame Freak) and the end of a long drinking night (Stone Cold Drunk). The Ep includes also short stories keeping the songs together to create a full ‘fiction radio show’ adventure of just over 18 minutes”

Mixing musicians from several major Geneva, Switzerland bands (Indy from ‘Rattlesnake’, Bourreau also known as Bison and Seb from ‘Cosmosonic’, Fred from ‘Danila’ and ‘The Trap’) Ed Banger & The Kardashits wanted to return musically to the very essence of the term “Rock” taking its main influences from bands such as The Ramones, Misfits and Motörhead.
More than just a simple another musical project, Ed Banger and the Kardashits is a global concept. Coming from the imagination of guitarist Indy, Ed Banger is as much a musical project, a videogame, short Comic strip describes our society and its shortcomings through the eyes of a being coming from another planet. Ed will tell us pieces of life slices of our reality without taking it too seriously, the Kardashits serving him as a medium to convey his stories

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