Emiliano Tessitore – “Live In Rome” [wanikiya-record]

“Live In Rome” is the new album by Emiliano Tessitore, an Alternative Metal proposal with a more finely elaborated and refined sound, with the intention of not getting lost in frivolities, but rather obtaining a direct and immediate result.

All of this, however, shouldn’t lead to easy conclusions about the commitment and success that a product like this showcases, but rather to a certain concise and direct approach of the artist just like in his own musical proposal.

Three songs that scratch the atmosphere and ripple the sound. A nice injection of grit, which opens up to the purest intransigence, between biting guitars and vitriolic voices. In “Live In Rome” you can appreciate speed, precision and a remarkable sound impact, a concentrate of volume and marked riffs, with the intention of obtaining an intense sound from Emiliano’s factory that he has been able to re-propose in this beautiful album.

In conclusion, this is an Ep for those looking for something different from the usual metal, the only ones who could enjoy it from start to finish, scrutinizing details and details that make it, in our personal opinion, one of the best products out there in the Italian underground panorama.

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