“Empty Eyes” , out the new video released by Whatafuck and Deadlock Crew

Out “Empty Eyes”, the new video released from the collaboration among the One Man Band Whatafuck and the Metallers Deadlock Crew
Whatafuck has recently released the debut album “Stronger Than God”, available in cd and digital format and on the SONY catalog, while Deadlock Crew has released their debut album “Look Down On Me” in digital, cd and on the SONY catalog.


Whatafuck is an Italian metal band formed in 2020 in Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia).
The band stands out for its disturbing look by covering its face with black theatrical masks that portray absent and cold, inexpressive features.
Wanted and created entirely by Davide Giorgi (singer and bassist on stage but also composer and author of the lyrics), the Whatafuck project never reveals the identity of the other 3 members of the band
which constantly change creating an aura of mystery and always bringing new life to the project.
Whatafuck’s musical style is all about groove, an urban modern metal that recalls bands like Biohazard, Machine Head of the 90s, Slipknot(before i forget), Static X and Soulfly
but with melodic moments that can remind Linkin Park but also Godsmack and even the darkest Depeche Mode.
The recordings of the first album took place at the VDB studios in Trieste during the hardest lockdown and subsequently produced and mixed by Lorenzo Gavinelli at the Zero Point Energy Recording in New York.
The album will be called STRONGER THAN GOD and will be released on March 27, 2021 for the GHOST RECORD LABEL and distributed by CRASHSOUND DISTRIBUTION.

Deadlock Crew

Deadlock Crew was born in Italy, Trieste, back in 1999
A solid metal band who kept in time the same line up, energy and enthusiasm for hard music. Lorenzo and Giuliano, singer/guitarist and drummer, with their experience grown in many local music bands found a perfect feeling with Yure (guitar) and Daniele (bass guitar).
The project is to mash up the different musical genres that influence theyr own music since the begining as thrash metal, alternative metal and hard rock.
Immediately after the set up of the band, they published a promo-cd called “Lobotomized people” that got a lot of positive reviews on the magazines of the time and pushd the band to remain active on the territory with many gigs, events, festivals and moto rallies.
Live performances, made of “enthusiasm, watts and sweat”, soon became the addiction of the band that leaved out recording and studios.
The COVID-19’s year forced the four guys to change course and to dedicate theirself to developing and recording new material for the 2021 album: “Look down on me”
Tracks are recorded in Trieste and mixed in New york City Zero Point Energy Recording Studio by Lorenzo Gavinelli.
Production is made by Lorenzo, the singer, and Lorenzo Gavienlli.
This work leads finally the band to sign a contract with Ghost Label Records!
Deadlock Crew are very proud to announce the relase of “Look down on me” on 27th Febraury 2021

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