Faulty Rivals – “The Abused Will Ascend” [Self Release]

Kitchener hard rockers, Faulty Rivals, are kicking in the backstage door with the new single “Wasting Away,” off of their debut EP The Abused Will Ascend.

The track harkens back to an era of rock where the only limit of how hard you could bang your head, was really how stiff your neck was. A pronounced salty and sludgy guitar riff opens the track, which is then immediately followed by the boozy and sour lamentations of band frontman Koi Getson.

A segment of the chorus triumphantly declaring, “I sweat whiskey and brush my teeth with tequila!”

However, don’t discredit this song as a party anthem, more so a cautionary tale of what too much partying can do to an individual, as the hard-rock composition behind the track functions as subtle harmonic camouflage, which drives the moral of the tale home.

“It is a tongue-in-cheek song about the dangers of alcoholism,” says Getson on his lyrical intent. “I think this song will get people excited upon the first few listens but will resonate on a deeper level as the lyrics become more internalized. It goes to some dark places and has a sarcastic tone.”

“Wasting Away” may have some quiet implications here and there but that doesn’t remove any aspect of just how fun it is. Blasting drums, a groovy bassline, thumping organs, and a marching rhythm make this song an absolute blast to listen to. Best applied by either rocking out in the privacy of one’s own space or more appropriately, with a group of pals slamming back beverages of one’s choosing.

Additional anthems and tales on The Abused Will Ascend are tracks like “Spineless Slaves,” a track that sounds like early era Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, or the Southern-inspired “Miracle.”

“The Abused Will Ascend” EP will give fans a sense of connection to the issues that everyone faces in their regular lives. Family struggles, personal struggles, and political struggles are a part of everyone’s lives and I think that everyone will be able to find a song on this album they connect with.”

With a recent lineup change and a show on December 2 in Waterloo, during “Maxwell’s Indie Rock Night” w/ The Inclines, Vintage Flight, and No Service, Faulty Rivals are now working on new material for a full-length album sometime next year.

“The new stuff will have new colours from every band member, drawing influences from multiple genres to be a groove rock thrill ride,” Getson says.


  1. Wasting Away
  2. Spineless Slaves
  3. Miracle
  4. Amends
  5. Wasting Away (Radio Edit)

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