Faustus – “Memoriam” [Self Released]

This “Memoriam” is truly formidable! I didn’t know this band at all, but now I can enrich my listening with a really interesting formation. I also went to see their video clip of the song “Sleep” and I was really impressed. Probably this band was a bit fed up with the usual sounds that populate death metal and decided to shake up this genre.

Hardcore, djent metal, thrash/death typical of formations like Meshuggah from the 90’s certainly influenced this band, but at the same time we could never speak of plagiarism! Faustus have an enviable self-confidence, and if we think that the band is just on its second album, it appears even more impressive. I really couldn’t find anything wrong with this album or that would look bad next to the big names.

All the songs are inspired by the top and the band doesn’t seem to want to have mercy on the listener, proposing a set of pieces that can’t fail to convince even the most skeptical of listeners… If you want a violent, technical, but also modern and so in step with the times, “Memoriam” will satisfy all your desires: not to be missed!

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