Feed The Corpses To The Pigs – “This Insidious Horror” [Horror Pain Gore Death Productions]

A mix of old school and new school metal styles including grindcore, crossover, black and death metal, are the main ingredients of this new album from Feed The Corpses To The Pigs titled “This Insidious Horror” out for Horror Pain Gore Death. Productions on 21 October.

An organized chaos of sounds that create an aggressive and rough atmosphere. A concentrate of power that blends duty with technique, giving an intense and pleasantly devastating path. Not a moment of pause, not a moment of rest, all at the heart with ten tracks that burst into the listener, dragging him towards dark and full-bodied dimensions.

Featuring guest musicians Rick Rozz (Death / Massacre) and Miasma Recording artist Daniel Torgal (Analpsy / Enblood) and mastering performed by one of today’s most sought-after engineers, Will Putney (Fit for an Autopsy), “This Insidious Horror “, becomes a more unique than rare album.



  1. Separate
  2. Ghost of Winter (ft. Rick Rozz from Death/Massacre)
  3. Jesus is my Respirator
  4. The Death of Expertise
  5. Trapped Spirit
  6. I Drink Myself to Death
  7. The Ocean Sings of Murder (ft. Jelly from Void Dancer)
  8. Out of Sync
  9. Flashpoint
  10. This Fucking Horror

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