Weightless World prepares to launch their second album

Weightless World, a melodic metal band from Jyväskylä Finland, released their debut album The End Of Beginning in 2019 and are finally preparing to launch it’s follower. The second album’s name remains yet unpublished but it will be released in fall 2023. The new single and music video ‘Initiate Restart’ from the upcoming album has been released now!

‘’Initiate Restart is a true metal banger flavored with well-timed twists and pinnacled with a trademark big and epic WW-chorus. The song has been tested a few times live and results have been very convincing!’’, tells Valtteri Viinikka, the band’s guitarist.

The song’s straightforward rhythm, explosive energy and irresistible catchiness are familiar features of the band.

‘’In summary it’s a tight and catchy song where influences from some of our favorite bands are slappin high fives with each other’’, adds Kari Rannila, the drummer of the band.

As for the music video the game is on and stakes are high.

‘’The music video is about pondering whether life and death are in our own hands or just dictated events by someone or something else. What if our lives are only a game of chess where the moves made by you determine how long you can keep up with death?’’, Perttu Korhonen, the band’s singer, explains.

‘’The topic can be also approached by thinking what kind of bet would be enough for you to put it all on the line. How high the reward or even how bad your present situation must be in order for you to risk your health, wealth, relationships and even yourself so you can aim for the better you desire?’’, adds Viinikka.

Watch the music video: https://youtu.be/vBZ1QWzkhes

Listen to the single on music services: https://push.fm/fl/weightlessworld-initiaterestart

Weightless World is:
Perttu Korhonen – Lead vocals
Valtteri Viinikka – Growls & backing vocals, guitar
Juuso Oinonen – Backing vocals, guitar
Tino Kantoluoto – Bass guitar
Kari Rannila – Drums

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