Finnish melodic punk rock band Revoltone has released their debut full length album “For The Silent Voices” today!
Album release show shall be played tonight 9 PM Finnish time (UTC+3) as Facebook live stream:

Revoltone members have a colorful history with music and different bands. They have tons of experience with playing sweaty gigs, raw tours and recording songs for various albums. Revoltone is a four peace with current and ex-members from bands like Fumble, One Morning Left, Dashbone. All this has driven us to give birth to the message and the sound of Revoltone.

Revoltone – For the Silent Voices

  1. Be Yourself
  2. We’ll Find The Sound
  3. My Hero
  4. Born To Follow
  5. Undo
  6. Break Out
  7. Taken Away
  8. Who Do We Think We Are
  9. Is It You
  10. Stop Us Now