Finnish modern melodic metal band Viimeinen Oodi Vapaudelle (VOV) releases their debut single

Finnish modern melodic metal band Viimeinen Oodi Vapaudelle (VOV) has released their first single. “Rakkauden Alttari” shamelessly exposes the seemingly insurmountable challenges in a love-hate relationship between two individuals. The price paid for this impossible relationship is high, yet the parties are never willing to let go of each other. Clad in the guise of modern melodic metal, the band’s debut is catchy. The skilled mezzo-soprano Karoliina McLoud’s singing makes the song uniquely Finnish metal music.

“The debut single ‘Rakkauden Alttari’ by Viimeinen Oodi Vapaudelle is a raw depiction of a challenging love-hate relationship, where souls don’t survive without bullet holes. The key element in creating the song has been a solid dose of modern melodic metal.” – Says the band’s guitarist, Teemu Harjunen.

Listen to the single on music services (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Tidal etc): https://push.fm/fl/vov-rakkaudenalttari

VOV, or Viimeinen Oodi Vapaudelle (Last Ode to Freedom), is a Finnish metal band founded in 2023. The band’s hometown is Nakkila. They delve into the darker aspects of the human psyche in their music, dressing stories in the dark attire of modern and melodic metal. The band’s frontwoman is the vocalist Karoliina McLoud, whose background in classical singing echoes in VOV’s music. The band’s drummer is none other than Petteri Rosenbom, a powerhouse known for his time in Dreamtale. The band’s bassist is the versatile Sami Halinen, who also takes the main responsibility for the band’s technical production. Last but not least, the guitarist Teemu Harjunen is the band’s unpredictable “demo animal.”


Karoliina McLoud – Vocals 

Teemu Harjunen – Guitar

Sami Halinen – Bass ja keyboards

Petteri Rosenbom – Drums

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