Finnish Rioghan is set to release the debut album

Finnish Rioghan is set to release her debut album ‘Different Kinds Of Losses’ later in 2022 via Inverse Records. The album has been made in collaboration with Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Einar Solberg (Leprous), Teemu Liekkala (ex-Manufacturer’s Pride, Red Eleven) and Teemu Koskela (ex-Celesty).

Rioghan comments single:
“This song really speaks to me in a personal level, as I have wrote the original poem in a pretty dark place, and somehow me and Teemu captured the essence of it musically too, a lot of polarity, ups and downs and finally some gruesome beauty in acceptance. We chose this as the first single as I think it represents the former Rioghan a bit more than the rest of the album, so it is also kind of a transition to new things ahead.”

Rioghan is a music project performed by me, singer Rioghan Darcy. Rioghan was founded in 2019 and is based on Lapua, Finland. Rooted deeply in both gothic and progressive metal scenes, I sure should bring something interesting on the table. I started off in 2010 as a poetry and lyric writer, but in 2019 I finally wanted to add some more to the mix and decided to fleshen up some of my words with music.
Songwriting wasn’t my strong suit, so I teamed up with a few skilled writers and together we came up with a 4 song EP “Blackened Sky”, which was released in March 2021. EP got some positive attention in alternative scenes, a few interviews and radioplays internationally. As things started rolling I decided I want to make a full length album and wanted to gather a new songwriting crew for that. Between the album demo making, we made a few cover songs with Teemu Liekkala and 2 songs from the EP “Covers II” got to Spotify editorial playlists, and have gained about 100k streams at this point.

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