Vertex releases an organic music with no concessions that leads to break the rules.The four accomplished musicians come from different backgrounds and bands, they have a strong experience, are reunited around common influences and references such as Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Gojira or Car Bomb.Following the release of a first self-produced EP in 2019 (‘Scalable’), a single produced by Pierre Danel (Kadinja) “following Arrows”, and noteworthy shows on the French scene, they are currently working on the release of a new single, announcing the preparation of their first album.In the meantime, the band is proud to unveiled its brand new single + official music video with “LEVIATHAN” available right now on YouTube
 Watch the official music video of “LEVIATHAN”  
...Official statement… “
“Leviathan” is an observation, a scream of alarm and rage in the face of the modern political crisis that we know and suffer for the most part.The highly liberticidal government directives of the past three years lead to further reflection, to analyze state repressive forms and, in our opinion, first refuse them, then fight them.The neo-liberal ogre showed its face, a Leviathan, heralding the worst. The clip uses paraboles on this modern monster, with sometimes choppy movements, often hard to grasp, but whose plot is skilfully studied.The meeting between the hardness of the musical form and the modernity of the dance, the impact of the bio-technologies of control, the cold gaze of the machine faced with the emergency and the virulence of affirming our humanity are the ingredients put in this clip of Miss Dou, resolutely modern, artistic and committed.” (Vertex)