French progressive rock band Autómata, release the new ep self titled

The French combo of “Autómata”, publishes the new Ep, with the same title. The project consists of five tracks. “Autómata”, was recorded and mixed by Donatien Ribes and Vincent Thermidor at Studio Labosonique and Studio de la Tour Fine (tourfine.fr and labosonique.bd-com.com). Mastering was handled by Jeremy Henry at Villa Mastering (www.villamastering.com).

Jean-Baptiste, François and David play music together since 2005 and when Etienne joined them in 2018, Autómata was born. The Parisian band delivers dark instrumental rock, blending genres like post-rock, progressive, metal shoegaze and pop. Their musical universe is cinegenic and could be post-apocalyptic although resilient ; anyway, instrumental music is precious for one reason : anyone can interpret it as he wants. So let your spirit float while listening to these five songs, and do your own experience of Autómata !


  1. Tanger
  2. Church
  3. 3×3+5
  4. Verdik
  5. Automate

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