French rock band Time Zero presents a diverse musical panorama on the new album “New World”

The French quartet TIME ZERO was formed in 2011 with the ambition to focus on their own creations. On voice and guitar, Dominique, and Yannik, on drums, support the next generation, in this case their sons Raphaël and Yann, guitarist and bassist.

A family story that creates a magical osmosis. Since their debuts, Yannik and Dominique have shared musical experiences in various groups such as the Marshall Band (which opened for Little Bob Story and the Dogs) or Dame Scarlett. Raphaël is also a member of the electro-pop combo Mirage Club.

Although they regularly perform live locally, it is in their studio that the members of TIME Zero have been fully dedicated in recent years to refining the best versions of their songs, and offering, with this 1st album – New World, 10 tracks with intricate patterns that give texture and cohesion to the work. TIME Zero fully embraces its English influences and offers its pop/rock vision full of emotion and creativity.

“New World” was recorded in 3 sessions at Le Cerisier studio in Toulouse. Between hard rock (Flowing Down/ Got to Know/Heaven/Loving to Hate), melodic pop (Better Days/Abroad/New World) and atmospheric ballads (Believe/Money and Screens), the music scene is rich, diverse, easy to listen and addictive.

New World: https://open.spotify.com/album/1ixcW4FEYtwY0caLVRP51z

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