Frenchy and the Punk release “Come In and Play”

NYC-based postpunk duo Frenchy and the Punkpresents ‘Come In and Play’, an upbeat Siouxsie-esque delight and the second enchanting single from their forthcoming ‘Zen Ghost’ album. Their seventh long-player record, this will be released via the EA Recordings label on October 28.

Frenchy and the Punk is vocalist, percussionist and lyricist Samantha Stephenson and guitarist-composer Scott Helland, who was co-founder and bassist of Outpatients and also Deep Wound(along with Dinosaur Jr. founders J Mascis and Lou Barlow). Influenced by The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Blondie, Concrete Blonde and The B52’s, the duo thrive in their trademark blend of post-punk and dark folk music.

About ‘Come In and Play’, Samantha Stephenson says, “This song was named in relation to a character in Bewitched, my mom was a fan of the show. It sparked a curiosity and enthusiasm for all things mystical and magical from an early age. I could be quite solitary and eventually dove into a meditation practice. That feeling of going inward and exploring the inner workings of the esoteric realm always felt very comforting.”

Earlier, the band released the lead track ‘Mon Souvenir’, an unapologetically new wave nugget, propelled by chugging acoustic chords, that reflects the album’s central theme of transcending ‘mind phantoms’ – the experiences from the past that linger within all of us.

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