Future Radio releases Pop Punk banger

Compelling South African rock outfit, Future Radio, takes a break from Season 2 to release a Pop Punk banger titled, Sink The Ship. The song was specifically written for their Rock & Rum collaboration with Seazar’s Rum. With this out-of-album release, Future Radio once again show their innovative approach to what is currently happening in the music industry. Sink The Ship is a fast-paced, fun and catchy track reminiscent of artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Huddy and Blink 182. Lyrically the song uses pirate-like metaphors and relates them to a modern-day party.

Johnny said: “With this collaboration, we are planning various shows across South Africa with a pirate-inspired theme and thought it would be cool to write a song that people could couple with the Rock & Rum evening. When I think of rum, I immediately think of pirates. Even though pirates were by no stretch of the imagination good guys, in my mind, they seemed to know how to have a good time. I wrote the song in a day, and we recorded, mixed and mastered the track in two weeks. It is all tongue in cheek fun.”

Drikus added: “This is like a dream come true, being able to have fun with pirate imagery like ships, skeletons, sharks and swords.” He further elaborated that since they are breaking away from Season 2 for this release, they had to somehow link it with the Future Radio story. “What better way to have our protagonist consume rum and then dream up a wild wacky story about pirates.”

Future Radio is currently one of the most exciting rock acts. In their short year and a bit, they have amassed many successes. Their strong social media presence of 13K followers is evidence that their vision resonates with both listeners and industry tastemakers alike. Their previous release, Something To Believe In, secured spots on the Spotify SA Rock Essential and Apple Music’s New in Rock playlists. The song also made waves across charts in Australia, the USA, and South Africa, currently charting at #15 on the MixFm SA Top 40. Their creative, engaging content granted them rave reviews across the globe and their diverse sound defies categorization while delivering a blend of creative expression, progressive music, and modern flair.

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