Genune, Melancholic Black Metal from Romania

Genune exists since 2012 and plays a somewhat more melancholic type of black metal, with occasional incursions into different styles of music (electronic, neo-folk, other genres that fit the essence and
direction of what is currently being worked on). Conceptually, the music revolves around time, psyche and environment. “Genune” means “abyss” or “chasm”. Inert & Unerring contains tracks that are compositionally more homogeneous, but perhaps more melancholic, compared to our previous endeavors. Thematically, it explores the concepts of heritage and identity and how these shape the present self, with lyrics open enough to allow for personal interpretation and self-characterization.

MWZ: Hi there, first of all, tell us something about GENUNE
We play black metal with a mixture of different influences. We’re located in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, but don’t play with flutes. ‘Genune’ means chasm or abyss.

MWZ: INERT & UNERRING is your new release! Tell us something about this new release
It’s a full-length album with 4 fairly homogeneous tracks and around 33 minutes of playtime, that took 2 years to write and produce.

MWZ: What is the main tematic?
Heritage and how the mind is shaped by it, but the lyrics are vague enough for people to find their own interpration, which we welcome you to do.

MWZ: What are the main differences from the first album?
Since no one listened to the last track on the first album, we made this one shorter. It also sounds better both in terms of production and composition. Also of notice is the fact that, currently, Cern Sol only exists somewhere in the ether of servers used by bandcamp, whereas Inert & Unerring comes out both in physical and digital format, thanks to Loud Rage Music.

MWZ: Are you satisfied about INERT & UNERRING or would you have liked to change something?
We’re ok with it for now, but there is always time to milk it later it with a remixed/remastered re-release, if need be.

MWZ: Which bands have influenced your sound?
Some of them are: Burzum, Deafheaven, Ulver, Negura Bunget, Kauan, The Deep Dark Woods, Altar of Plagues, Type O Negative, ISIS, Khruangbin, Acid Bath and others.

MWZ: GENUNE is only a solo project or will it be also a band on stage?
We’re not planning to play live, for the time being.

MWZ: How is the band living this lockdown?
Apart from not seeing each other as often, we haven’t been affected.

MWZ: Pro or Against Talent Show?
We don’t really care.

MWZ: That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Thanks for checking out our band.

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