Glasfold’s debut album “New World” is now available

Nuovo mondo (new world) is now available on all digital platforms.
Eleven tracks swinging between the guitar melodies of classic heavy metal and the steamroller of the thrash metal rhythm section. The voice is the peculiar element, because of the italian lyrics (with the exception of some rare english sentences) and because it easily jumps from one vocal technique to another: mainly clean and scream, but there’s also a tiny rap verse in one song.
Looking at the lyrics, this album is a rageful and disillusioned report about the world we live in.
Relationships going adrift, the sensation of being mentally caged into the standards imposed by the society, the desire to run away from this cages and ask for help, the sadness due to the useless wars. The band has already released three singles, each one with a videoclip, on their Youtube channel. The album has been mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli (Vision of Atlantis, Era, Temperance). The digital version is out on all digital platform via Wanikiya Record; physical copies can be purchased by contacting Glasfold on their social media.

1 Krughy’s Theme
2 Ombre e buio
3 Senza regole
4 Il peggio di me
5 Lontano da qui
6 Mad world (cover)
7 Senza uscite
8.La fine del mondo
9 Spettri

  1. Holy war
    11 Fuck

Glasfold were officially born in 2021, when Dave joined the band. They immediately work hard at composing original music, where each member brings his own contribute and influences. The band quickly submits a demo to Michele Guaitoli, who appreciates it and becomes their producer.
The actual line-up comprehends:

  • Dave Cudicio
    : born 1988, he starts studying modern singing in 2012. He founds his first band in the
    same year (Full of Empty, one album released). He keeps studying with Michele Guaitoli and takes part to many seminars with Paola Folli, Michele Luppi and Jey Doublerice. He approaches extreme vocals,
    as an autodidact at first, and then he specializes in distorted vocals studying with Roberto Marconi and Matteo Ratti. Dave has released many songs during these years, going from 90s dance to nu metal.
  • Francesco Capello
    : born 1974, he starts playing electric guitar at the age of 16. Being passionate
    about those talented and virtuoso guitarists who left their mark during the 80/90s decades, he works to reproduce those sounds and make them personal. He’s been playing in several cover bands for years before joining Glasfold.
  • Lorenzo Grangetto
    : born 1998, he starts attending music propaedeutic classes at the age of 6. He’s
    been studying saxophone and drums at the same time for years so his influences come from many music genres, but metal is the heaviest one. He obtained a degree in classic saxophone in 2022 and is about to complete the Dante Agostini Drum School
    course with Erik Tulissio. He also works in his studio, recording acoustic drums tracks.
  • Stefano “Kampa” De Martin:
    born 1970, he grew up with thrash and heavy metal, like Slayer,
    Metallica and Iron Maiden. He’s a self-taught bass player and he’s been performing with Reaction and Doomsday for years before joining Glasfold.
  • Alessio Dorigo
    born 1969, he studied piano when he was a child, until he found out heavy metal and
    electric guitars. He begins to study Slayer and Metallica’s songs, ending up spending many nights awake playing with his friend and bandmate Francesco Capello. He has personally built one of the guitars he now uses on stage, with the help of a local luthier.

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