Glitch Mode Recordings reveals compilation of the Best in Angry Robot Music

Chicago, IL based, artist-run collective label GLITCH MODE RECORDINGS has released their newest compilation of futuristic dystopia sounds featuring songs from AudioFlesh, Cyanotic, Derision Cult, Raine Vivian, Living Room Project, Conn.RAR, Robohop, and more!

“The past couple years were a crazy time for everybody. But today, we’re starting a new chapter and are firing on all cylinders. This is Glitchmode reflects that for sure. There’s zero filler anywhere on here which is key for us with any compilation. All the artists on here have releases slated through next year. We wanted to share this with the world first, but trust me- it’s only the beginning” – Sean Payne (Label Founder)

Track List:

  1. This is Glitch Mode [Intro]
  2. Raine Vivian – Tied Up [Glitch Mode Dub]
  3. Derision Cult – Bastards of the World [Glitch Mode Breaks Mix]
  4. Living Room Project – Johnny Come Lately
  5. Brad_Blank – Industrial Zone
  6. Cyanotic – Sound the Alarm
  7. Cables & Lace – Circles [Glitch Mode Edit]
  8. Audioflesh – Tribal Technology
  9. Conn.RAR – Drained [Glitch Mode Workman’s Comp Mix]
  10. Robohop – Designer Flex feat. K8E + Rich Laurel [Glitch Mode Mix]
  11. Black Agent – Ruination [Glitch Mode Dance Mix]
  12. Breath & Decay – Cyborg Grinder Finance [Glitch Mode Edit]
  13. PayneHunt – Something 2 Explain [Technoid Hell]

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