Gothminister, unleashes music video for brand new single “Battle Of The Underworlds”

What if your lawyer looked like this?
Yes it’s true, Bjørn Alexander Brem aka GOTHMINISTER is a well known lawyer in Norway. Next week, on Thursday November 2, 2023, his industrial gothic metal band GOTHMINISTER will embark on their first leg of the PANDEMONIUM EUROPEAN TOUR, promoting the highly acclaimed and award-winning album by the same name!

In the world of hard and heavy sounds and impressive theatrical live stage shows, GOTHMINISTER have earned themselves a reputation of being “one of the most iconic gothic/industrial metal acts”. Not only has their power-laden sound with its remarkable atmospheric density inspired their audiences since 1999, its eloquent fantasy stories have also transported them to uncharted territories.

Don’t miss GOTHMINISTER and a breathtaking show – coming to a theatre near you this November – fighting monsters, demons and zombies on stage, and even risking losing his own breath, for the first time entering a water walking ball on stage wearing laser gloves. If that’s not enough, he will also shoot a huge monster with a co2 cannon and much more! There will be a meet and greet after each show – and if you’re lucky – maybe you can also get a piece of free legal advice while you’re there? Find all upcoming live dates listed below!

Furthermore, just recently GOTHMINISTER has announced its latest coup: ‘Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds’! The new album release by the Norwegians is set to be unleashed in 2024 via AFM Records, taking up where its 2022 predecessor ‘Pandemonium’ left off: The much-acclaimed album conquered the charts as number one, and was voted as the ‘Album Of The Year 2022’ at the Dark Music Awards, while its single ‘This Is Your Darkness‘ also made it to number one on the German Alternative Charts. GOTHMINISTER´s music videos for ‘Pandemonium’ and ‘Demons’ won stunning 19 film awards worldwide.

To ease your wait for their new album, GOTHMINISTER have just recently shared a first song, titled ‘I Am The Devil’, taken off their forthcoming offering. Now, they are premiering a haunting video for new single “Battle Of The Underworlds”!

“In Pandemonium, history repeated itself; the king is dead, long live the king! This circle of evil, on the other hand, is something that the Gothminister king himself has arranged for and wanted, so that the power of the kingdom under the same “clan” will live on forever.” GOTHMINISTER reveals.

“In the follow-up music video, «Battle of the Underworlds», we go back in time before the death of the Gothminister king in «Pandemonium».

We see that during the Gothminister King’s time as ruler, his Kingdom was attacked by another Underworld, consisting of witches and werewolves who had joined forces with a plan to overthrow Gothminister’s kingdom. The witches are concerned with balance in this world, and now they fear too much power centralized in one clan, so they plan this attack against Gothminister’s kingdom to strengthen their own side by making a pact with the werewolves.

Especially pay attention to the video towards the end, and maybe it will give som you some answers to what really happened before «Pandemonium»…Please comment what your thoughts to the story are!”

All new GOTHMINISTER songs were composed and written by Bjørn Alexander Brem, who also produced the new release. The mix is courtesy of Henning Verlage (Unheilig, Eisbrecher) and Norwegian sound engineer Morten Lund, who has worked with Morten Harket (A-ha), among others, was in charge of the album mastering. “The new material is faster and catchier than that of the predecessor album, but at the same time it sounds even more complex and modern, with more sophisticated vocal melodies and challenging breaks,” Brem recently said, “at the same time the driving beats for the dancefloor and the concept of ultra-low-sounding, tough guitar riffs are still present and link both recordings.”

Watch out for many more album details and single/video releases to follow in the months ahead, and make sure to catch the one and only GOTHMINISTER live at the following dates this year:


Nov 2, Zoetermeer, Boerderij (NL) 

Nov 3, Essen, Turock (DE) 

Nov 4, Paris, Backstage (FR) – Special guest: Emma Zoldan (Sirenia)

Nov 6, Manchester, Rebellion (UK) 

Nov 7, Glasgow, Ivory Blacks (UK) 

Nov 8, Birmingham, Asylum (UK) 

Nov 9, London, The Dome (UK) – Special guests: Chris Milden (NFD) & Ray Noir

Nov 10, Pagney-derriere Barine, Chez Paulette (FR)

Nov 11, Ghent, Aasgard (BE)

Nov 12, Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor (NL)

Support: King Satan+ Psycholies+ Deadfilmstar (UK only)

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