Gui Flor releases new single “Flor de Manacá” (folk/funk lo-fi/new mpb)

In “Flor de Manacá” the singer and composer Gui Flor, creates a captivating universe. His song is an invitation to dance, embalmed by the mixture of folk and funk lo-fi, strolling through soul music and Brazilian music made in the 70s.
The recordings were made at home by the singer herself. His voice and guitar were produced on his cell phone with the aid of a built-in microphone. The production is signed by Dazluz, who also took care of the arrangements, mixing and mastering.

About the artist: Carolina Coester (also known as Gui Flor) is 25 years old and is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He released his first song through the Tal & Tal Records Collection “Mapa Astral Vol. 2: Água”. In addition, she is a professor of biology and self-declared a “sensitive animal of the bush”. In 2020, the singer decided to put her sonorous feelings around the world and start the project Gui Flor, where she signs all the compositions and shows her face in the new mpb and in the Brazilian indie.

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