Hard Rockers SuckerTrap unveils an edgy sonic tapestry

Security Blankets, meticulously woven in layers of fabrication, wield an unexpectedly potent influence. They offer solace and reassurance, serving as an intimate refuge. Clasping them with an unwavering grasp, we recognize their pivotal role in preserving our mental equilibrium and sheer survival.

Enveloped tightly, we seek shelter beneath these comforting shields. With a deliberate motion, we draw them over our eyes, creating a barrier against the harshness of reality, the frigidity of actuality, and the disconcerting absurdity that surrounds us. We fiercely resist any attempts to strip us of this protective cocoon, responding with vehement opposition to those who dare to encroach upon its sanctuary.

Thus commences a gripping tug of war between the realms of sanity and reality.

In the realm of musical expression, SuckerTrap delves into the shadows of experimental Art Rock, navigating its obscure corners. The composition, echoing a nouveau retro sentiment, exudes an edgy energy complemented by a poetic delivery and captivating aesthetics. The resulting fusion captures the essence of a journey into the dark and the avant-garde, reflecting the intricate interplay between vulnerability and resilience.

A dark celebration of heavy Rock and Roll music. It will sink its teeth into you and won’t let go! The latest project by Pinto Stiletto, formerly of Crystal Pistol, Bonitos, Wett Stilettos and Randy Rampage band featuring Mr. Smyth on vocals. A mix of various influences from Iggy to Bauhaus, Sex Pistols to Sisters of Mercy Black Sabbath to Killing Joke and Judas Priest. A dark celebration of heavy Rock and Roll music.

Suckertrap was initially a studio project. After gaining interests from a few labels in Canada and U.S, who were hoping to see an actual live band, we decided to put a band together. We were still in the process of rehearsals for our first show when we signed a deal with SODEH Records out of Montreal (www.sodeh.ca). SODEH has taken on our back catalogue and are working hard. But the real work will happen with our new album. With a proper promotion campaign and videos we are planning on great success for this band.

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