Dutch Melodic Alternative Rockers HARDLAND released its new Music Video for the song “Dazzled By The Presence Of Love”! The track is taken from the current & 2nd album “In Control”.

“In Control” is the title of the second album by the Dutch rockers HARDLAND. Even more than with the self-titled debut of 2017, the band has managed to create a completely different MELODIC ALTERNATIVE ROCK sound from very different influences.

This ranges from Heavy Rock, AOR over 80s-Wave to accessible (Power)Pop, with a special love for music from the 1970s and 1980s.

The very well done cover “Are Friends Electric”, which was a big hit for the British synthesizer formation Tubeway Army in 1979, further underlines this. “In Control” otherwise only contains own compositions: hard Rock songs interspersed with a single ballad.


  1. The Nation’s Biggest Enemies
  2. Are Friends Electric
  3. The Powers Within
  4. Rise & Shine
  5. Haunted
  6. Dazzled By The Presence Of Love
  7. Love, Love, Love
  8. Pleasure & Pain
  9. Still Dreaming
  10. Last Goodbye

Paul • Guitar, Vocals
Aeilko • Guitar, Vocals
Remi • Bass, Vocals
Marco • Keyboards
Eric • Drums