Hell & Hollar release new single/video “Siberian Hunter”

Rock band HELL & HOLLAR are back with their latest single/video “Siberian Hunter” with The Label Group. An idea born on a three-string guitar found in a local dumpster many years ago was enough for this band to encapsulate their neural efforts and form the perfect conjunction to bring a mythical transcendental story into a musical work of art on multiple levels. The blending of this triangular junction came in the form of lyrics, songwriting, and animation. “Siberian Hunter” takes you sonically and visually on a trip.

“Siberian Hunter” came to us through the band’s bass player Johnny Dusko. He wrote the music long ago on an old three-string guitar he had found in a dumpster. When Johnny first showed us the song we knew it was for Hell & Hollar. He had already named the song “Siberian Hunter”, this inspired lead vocalist, Blake Burn’s lyrical content and deep tundra vibes.
Nate Largent added his touch on the drums and then we went to work on evolving it into the final recorded version. We are proud to present this one, “Siberian Hunter”, to the world.- Hell & Hollar

Drawing inspiration from the sounds of the stoner-based rock that sprung up from the deserts of Southern California in the late ’80s through the ’90s, Hell & Hollar has blended their own brand of kickback rock nuances and incorporated a modern drive to bring a sound all their own. Hell and Hollar bring us the aggression that drove desert rock from its genesis and then tops it off with ruminative melodies. Their music leads you on a trip both sonically and lyrically. its core resonates in the realm of rock. A continual motion to develop their sound while holding true to themselves is set before their listeners. Defining a future of marking the solid foundation of who Hell & Hollar is.

Big thanks to Ian Pattison for all his contributions to the band and his talent in the studio. We would also like to thank Maor Applbaum, we are grateful to be working with you. Thanks to our families, friends, and fans for all their undying support. We would also like to thank our team at The Label Group/Ingrooves and our publicist SongRiverPR/CowGirlZen Entertainment for all they do.

Blake Burns, Johnny Dusko, Nate Largent, Adam Sheetz

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