Hell Theater – “S’Accabadora” [Wormholedeath]

S’Accabadora is the second full-length of this formidable Italian band, which returns after ten years of silence from the previous album. Well, in this second album Hell Theater have really made a complete album, very rich in gloomy, esoteric and horror atmospheres, and in fact the band likes to define itself as “horror metal”. Italy had already given us many excellent realities in the past in this genre: Death SS in primis but many other formations that came out in the seventies and eighties (Paul Chain for example).

While Hell Theater’s look harks back to that scene, their sound is a bit different. They have a hard, fast and decisive approach, bordering on thrash metal. But Hell Theater’s is a technical, progressive, very particular thrash metal band. The voice is perpetually high-pitched, and when it isn’t high-pitched, it lets itself go into narrations, litanies and other things that make everything even more obscure. The songs are very much affected by this mood, also dictated by a very macabre lyrical concept. Everything is mixed to perfection by this band, giving a truly remarkable final result.

“S’Accabadora” is a difficult album to define and therefore we invite you to discover it song by song. Each piece will give you different emotions and we are sure that many will love this band!

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