Hellraisers – “The Macabre Dance of the Keeper” (Self Release)

Death and destruction. This is what the Hellraisers from Turin leave behind them, with the music contained in their second album, entitled “The Macabre Dance of the Keeper”. The band has embraced the lesson of the most traditional black metal and is not ashamed to reiterate it in their musical proposal. If it weren’t for an extreme use of the drum machine we would be talking about an album that comes from Norway and the 90s. All this works in the band’s favor and builds an unwavering attitude and passion for black metal that shines through every note on this album. “The Macabre Dance of the Keeper” is the classic product for which the “take it or leave it” slogan is worth using. I say this because there is no middle ground on this record and there is nothing but pure and very bad black metal, made even more ferocious by a drum machine shot at the speed of light. If you are an inveterate black metaller and you like to hear a lot of violence on a black metal album, come forward, this record could seriously like you. A record for a few perhaps, but the band probably doesn’t care!

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