Holy Shire – “The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest” [Ghost Record]

Sit comfortably, and with your seat belts well fastened, press play and get ready for an exhilarating and at the same time profound journey, all contained in the new album by the Italians Holy Shire, “The Legendary Shepherds of the Forest”. A work that basically sees an excellent Melodic Metal with expelled Prog, which combined with the variety of riffs contained in these eleven songs, are the main themes proposed by the band, a formation that certainly knows how to operate in the field and above all how to entertain the listener looking for extremities or decisive impacts where to jeopardize the use of one’s neck.

To make matters worse, certainly the above average production, which attacks and embraces the general sound, under the blows of a massive and tracked rhythm section. The patterns created by Holy Shire are always compelling, successful across the board, always aimed at formulating petrifying intensities and breaks.

There are also “mechanical” aspects but they do not prevent us from understanding the effort that lies at the source of these guys. There is reverberation, solidity and those small differences between each piece that end up making this album extremely precious which, although dated 2018, manages to be current.

We can define it as a “simple album” but at the same time the Holy Shire develop an overall complexity that works on the simultaneous research, never unrelated to groove. So you end up not caring about how much of this or how much of that is contained in this or that song, at the end you understand that the best thing is not to ask questions and get carried away by these songs.

A work that amuses and shakes the body if ingested with a single and dazzling solution.

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