Horned Wolf, a band with dynamic and diverse sound

Heavy outfit HORNED WOLF are set to release their new music video for “Become Like They Are” on January 14th, 2022. Producing a dynamic and diverse sound, HORNED WOLF draws inspiration from the likes of IN FLAMES to KATE BUSH, and ALICE IN CHAINS to LORNA SHORE, and BLACK SABBATH. The quintet share a positive message of inclusivity through their music, HORNED WOLF is made up of gay, straight, and non binary members. The new single lands ahead of their upcoming full length album due for release later in 2022. “Become Like They Are” packs a punch with driving rhythms, powerful harsh vocals and soaring cleans. Playing with dynamics, HORNED WOLF combines high energy sections, with slower dramatic instrumentation and more intimate, emotional parts . Accompanied by dark, haunting imagery, the new video offers thrilling visual accompaniment to the music. The band’s progressive experimentation and style fusion brings an enthralling sound.

Musicwebzine – Hi there, first of all, tell us something about the band
Horned Wolf –
Horned wolf is an inclusive metal band formed in 2015 in Lawrence KS.

Musicwebzine – Which is the main theme of your album ?
Horned Wolf –
Many of the songs on the album deal with heavy topics such addiction issues and the lives they take.

Musicwebzine – What about the cover and the title of your album ?
Horned Wolf –
With a name like HORNED WOLF it creates imagery in one’s head easily so we like to let artists come up with their own interpretation of that. The album art was done by unexpected spectre. The title of the album “Become Like They Are” is a reference to “Don’t Fear the Reaper” which fits the theme of the album I guess you could say.

Musicwebzine – Which bands has influenced your sound ?
Horned Wolf –
So many bands! Pallbearer, Aline in Chains, IDLES, In Flames, etc… We could go on for days with this question!

Musicwebzine – Do you think that we can still live only on music?
Horned Wolf –
Oh wow I wish but as a smaller artist it actually costs up money. You make very little if anything at all and what you do make goes right back into the band. Maybe someday the world will value the arts properly but that day has not yet come.

Musicwebzine – That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Horned Wolf –
Dear readers of MusicOn! Hello, we greet you! But seriously thank you for reading and we sincerely hope you check us out and maybe even tell some friends if you dig the music. We have a lot more music coming out soon!

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