Hunter (BE) releases video for Their Song “Wicked”

One month ago, Belgian traditional heavy metal band HUNTER released their second album, ‘Rebel Angels Rise’. Off that album comes the opener, a fast, venomous banger, as a live action videoclip, recorded in JH Asgaard (Gentbrugge, B). Aiming for a cross between presenting the raw live energy and delivering an oldschool 80s clip, here’s a flashy, dynamic, black and white ball of metal you can sink your teeth into. Add it to your VJ set, your YouTube playlist, share it on your social walls, spread the message of metal!

About the artist

Hunter is a heavy metal band from Belgium. Hunter isn’t post metal or thrash metal or doom metal, even if it could be all of the above. As traditionalists, they just say “heavy metal” so that it covers all bases. In 2016, these five experienced musicians joined forces to form one giant megazord of crushing metal. In 2019, they released their self-titled debut album. Since then, Hunter operates outside of definable subgenres and stereotypes. A combined century of heavy metal training and all sorts of influences come together as a mighty roar that sounds like the 80s have just met the no-holds-barred 21st century.

About this album

Rebel Angels Rise brings you a barrage of pure metal with a variety of influences, highs and lows, speed and slows, screams and grunts, sizzling riffs and twin solos. Hunter’s second album shows maturity in song writing. They’ve taken some adventurous choices: more melody here, more thrash there. Maybe a wink to classic rock somewhere else. While always clearly Hunter, always rooted in traditional metal, the seven songs are different, taking you from one setting to another, to keep you hooked from start to finish.

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