I Ya Toyah – “Panic Room” [Self Released]

I Ya Toyah is a Polish-American artist / producer based in Chicago, US. She effortlessly combines elements of industrial, pop, electro, darkwave, and alternative rock into a unique aural tapestry. Recent musical releases include projects with Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM), Tim Skold (Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson), The Anix, and Walter Flakus / Stabbing Westward who co-produced her latest single Panic Room as well as the upcoming album.

I Ya Toyah , offers a listener and engaging , well enhanced by more marked grafts that give dynamics to the whole journey. The general sound is fluid, dinamic, with a redundant amalgam of sounds that amplify and enhance the atmosphere. A job well done to leave a good mark with the intent, in our opinion, successful to make the piece dynamic and ringing as a whole.

I Ya Toyah , proved to be prepared to create dynamic structures, without renouncing more powerfull riffs, which undoubtedly leave an excellent mark. The voice gives further volume and depth to listening, in fact generating a good fluidity that is so engaging and not at all tiring. A song that drags the listener into a dimension with a remarkable sound impact and which releases excellent vibrations.

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