Idle Ruin, Australian Blackened Thrash/Death Metal Newcomers release music video for “Gods of Glass”

Gods of Glass is a new single from Idle Ruin’s EP, coinciding with the vinyl/CD release by Bitter Loss Records. This re-release will include 3 bonus tracks. Pre-orders will be available from November 5th.

“Gods of Glass is written about narcissists and the people you come across who try to intimidate or threaten you. These people have nothing else going for them besides their need for posturing. At the end of the day, they are insecure cowards. See-through and fragile, no matter the size. Just like glass.”

The accompanying music video is a collage of all our live performances in 2021. Kind of celebrating the slow return of live music after having had it taken away last year.

Liam Anthony – Drums & Lead Vocals
Kaleb Doherty – Guitar & Vocals
Tim Maastricht – Bass

“Idle Ruin was formed by Liam Anthony, who for several years has played drums for numerous Australian thrash and death metal bands (Malakyte, Spektre, Decapitated Mum). While Australia’s live metal scene was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Liam made use of the lockdown time to write songs for his own studio project Idle Ruin. In 2021, Idle Ruin evolved into a fully fledged band with guitarist Kaleb Doherty (Feculent, When Death Replaces Life) and bassist Tim Maastricht (Wartooth, Kaustic Attack) and have been gigging sporadically as live music slowly returns.”

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