IN SONDER are launching new single “Quintessence”

Exploding into an onslaught of high-speed electronics, soaring vocals and roaring guitars, “Quintessence” sees the cyber edged metal outfit unleash a striking debut. Comprised of former members of the symphonic metal band CURSE OF DAWN, IN SONDER begins a new chapter with a stylistic change and experimental approach. 

“This song marks the new direction of our musical influence. The pulse-pounding synths and rapid pacing both capture the energy that we all feel moving forward, and it is only the beginning of the surge that IN SONDER will bring!”  – Jonny Young

“Quintessence” is about feeding on the aura of others in social situations. This desperation to maintain some sense of control is expressed in the fast-paced guitars, synths and vocals. Heavy drums, dark guitars and bass enhance the sound to evoke the ever-present depression looming in the background. After a hiatus as CURSE OF DAWN, the quartet from Chester, England, is blasting into a resurgence as the newly branded IN SONDER. The absence has only brought the founding members closer together and with it, a new direction for their music. Delving into futuristic and dystopian realms through their image and releases, IN SONDER step away from the confines of a lone genre label to push further their creativity and emphasize their distinctive elements. “Quintessence” ventures on a journey of intensity. The multi-textural vocal performances from Lindzi and Jonny complement the vast sounds of the instrumentation. With the metal instruments grounding the track, huge synths electrify the atmosphere boosting the energetic impact. 

IN SONDER are launching into their new form with a dynamic and inventive single. “Quintessence” is a thrilling offering that sees multiple genres collide through creative composition and kicks off this new era with a bang.  

Lindzi North – Vocals
Jonny Young – Guitar/Programming/Vocals
Matthew Simon Fletcher (Fletch) – Keyboard/Programming
Tom Lloyd – Bass/Vocals

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