Infernalizer (ft. Claudio Ravinale of Disarmonia Mundi)release the new single “In This World or The Next”

Rockshots Records and Infernalizer are proud to share the details of the band’s debut album, coming out worldwide on February 26, 2021.
Infernalizer is the brand new creature conceived and brought to life by the creative mind of Claudio Ravinale to portray his own take on the heavy metal genre. Ravinale is best known as the vocalist of Italian death metal veterans Disarmonia Mundi, whom have achieved worldwide recognition with their high-octane melo-death throughout two decades and featuring Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork) among their ranks, along with being in other recognizable bands such as The Silverblack, 5 Star Grave and The Stranded.
Heavily influenced by 80’s metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Danzig, Ravinale’s new project Infernalizer relies on the use of gloomy keys and eerie samples, paying homage to more somber gothic rock acts like Type O Negative and The Sisters Of Mercy. Vocally closer to contemporary acts like Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13, the range of influences also include evocative cinematographic soundscapes that provide Infernalizer’s songs with a more solemn and nocturnal atmosphere.
The frontman says about the upcoming album: “‘The Ugly Truth’ is a roller coaster ride in my own horror-themed amusement park. For this project I wanted to focus more on myself, on the instincts that define me as a person, particularly on the darker sides of my personality. Not in an extremely serious or cathartic way, it’s more about acknowledging the beast that lives inside us all and have a good time with it, because honestly being the bad guy sometimes is quite a funny and entertaining experience…”
After the release of the debut single “Leaving So Soon?” earlier this year, today Infernalizer is sharing the brand new single “In This World or The Next”.

1- Night Shift
2- The Outsider
3- Leaving So Soon?
4- In Retrospect
5- Cruel Intentions
6- The Ugly Truth
7- In this World or the Next
8- Leave A Scar
9- I don’t wanna be me
10- Autumn of Terror

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