International groove metal supergroup Vented signed Worldwide Record Deal with Metal.hu Records

We are so excited to share with you, that international groove metal supergroup VENTED signed Worldwide Record Deal with Metal.hu Records!VENTED is featuring Sean Zatorsky (Daath/Sinsaenum/ex-Chimaira) on vocals, Austin D’Amond (DevilDriver/Bleed The Sky/ex-Chimaira) on drums, Gergo Hajer (Omega Diatribe) on guitar & bass and Simon C. Bondar (White Tiger) on keys & samples. Their impressive full-length debut album “Cruelty And Corruption” contains 13 banging songs which will be available on CD and also a limited edition DIGIPAK version which includes a bonus track. The vinyl release is coming in 2023…“Cruelty And Corruption” will be released on the 16th of December, pre-order has started now:
[🇺🇸] USA & [🇨🇦] CAN [👉] bit.ly/Vented_US-CA
[🇪🇺] EU & [🇬🇧] UK [👉] bit.ly/Vented_EU-UK
[🇭🇺] HUN & [🌐] WW [👉] https://bit.ly/Vented_HUN-WW 
VENTED about signing: “Stoked to announce our collaboration with Metal.hu! We negotiated with a lot of labels: majors, mid levels and smaller ones too through 2022, but when we met Tamas we felt immediately he knows what we want without any pressure. We’re looking forward to a successful future together. Cruelty And Corruption is coming… Get ready!”VENTED’s full-length debut album “Cruelty And Corruption” will warp you back to the finest era of groove metal featuring pure sonic aggressiveness, soul squeezing melodies, destructive vocals, insane drumming and powerful samples. The album was produced by HK at Vamacara Studios, France. His mix showcases the rawness and sonic brutality the way it was meant to be heard… Loud and aggressive. This record will make your head bang and will hit you in the feels! 
 Tracklist:01. I Am Death02. Flawless03. The End Game04. My Desire05. Vitriolic06. Requiem For Myself07. Withered08. A New Trend09. The Darkness10. Vigil11. In Question12. Self Destruct13. Zero14. Final Hour (Bonus track)

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