Italian label Epictronic signs controversial Australian artist Jeremy Harry Harris

Italian label Epictronic is a shining example of this and demonstrates its commitment to future music,having just secured the rights to the new controversial single “Shout Down The Silence” by Jeremy Harry Harris
Label owner Carlo Belloti encountered Harry (as he prefers to be known) out of complete chance and was immediately taken by the music and the person. Asked why he chose to pick up his newest stable mate, Carlo said “I only have one word in my mind to describe this: RESPECT. For this I feel respect
for Jeremy and I want to help him to succeed with his music. He has a huge heart and I am sure that God and Karma willrepay him with success on his music”. The feeling appears to be completely mutual with artist Jeremy Harry Harris delighted with the outcome of recent discussions between both parties. “I am thrilled andhumbled by the offer to join Epictronic and to have my music represented by them. The label has a fantastic track record of supporting their artists and working closely with them to achieverealistic goals and advance artist careers. The moment I started chatting with Carlo I just knew that this was the label for me. He was upfront, honest and most importantly realistic on what he believed we could achieve by working together. I look forward to many years and many releases with Epictronic”.

Epictronic takes on the controversial new single Shout Down The Silence with a commitment to promote it globally through the various divisions it is aligned with including the Orchard Inc. (Sony) and Warner Chappell Music. 
When asked about the song and why it was controversial, Jeremy had this to say. “Written during the Covid-19 lockdown, this song explores the social distancing that we have really adopted and I am not talking about 1.5 metres. I am talking about the level of disconnectedness that we as families, communities, cities, states, provinces, countries and on a globallevel, have allowed ourselves to become normal. This song is controversial as it is asocial commentary on what happens when we lose sight of connectednessand the consequences that arise out of doing so. Many people just don’t want to beconfronted by hard hitting truths and having it spelt out in a song and being shown the damage it caused through the accompanying music video, tends to anger some people. I’m ok with that though because the song is also about the hope of what we can achieve if we seek understanding, unity and above all peaceful, open and thoughtprovoking discussion amongst ourselves.Carloagrees with me that this is a song that surmises everything we arefacing in the world right now”. 
Jeremy is not wrong and through the accompanying music video, paints a sobering picture that few would ever consider happening to anyone, let alone to themselves or to their loved ones. The divisive nature of the media, politics, herd mentality, fear and consequence are all explored whilst leaving room for the seed of hope to be planted, nurtured and upheld by future generations. The song invites everyone to consider their role in creating unity for a better future.
With the video already achieving 4 Best Music Video awards at various International Film Festivals it is clear that Epictronic’s decision to sign Jeremy Harry Harris has already been
validated. Jeremy believes “We Are The Beacon ofHope and we can learn to Shout Down The Silence”.Epictronic is sure to make some noise doing just that!

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