Jarun band reveals new album details

Godz Ov War Productions proudly presents new name on the label’s roster: Jarun. With three full-lengths under their belt, they may be newcomers in our label, but certainly not on the scene or in the extreme underground. Jarun’s path began in 2008 and, with each album being released by a different label, it wasn’t always the easy one. But the band never surrendered, having faith in what they do and taking another artistic steps with confidence. All this faith and all those experiences helped them create their next full-lenght work, entitled ‘Rok Spokojnego Słońca’, which will be released on May 21, 2021 as a standard jewel case CD and limited CD with slipcase.

Zagreus, Jarun’s guitarist, says: “In terms of music, ‘Rok Spokojnego Słońca’ (‘A Year of the Quiet Sun’) is probably the band’s most black metal album. Cold, at times harsh and aggressive, but still (maybe even more than ever) progressive and explorative. Boldly reaching for new sounds and original arrangements.”

And we couldn’t agree more. For those who know the band and their previous works, fourth album, which consists of six songs and lasts for almost fifty minutes, will bring something new, yet still they will recognize the band they used to know. Jarun goes into new areas of the space they have been exploring so far. The boundaries between black metal and progressive part of it has been moved further, giving the new compositions more aggression and pure power. Still, they know who they are and what their roots are, so the spine, the core of the new album will be fully understandable for their fans. Once again Jarun takes next step into the unknown, trying to discover new paths that has never been tread before, giving us the most harsh and powerful, yet still progressive and atmospheric album in their discography so far. Like in the previous years, the band takes us deep into world of nature, connected strongly to the world of men, to our hearts and souls. Reaching deep into ourselves, trying to find our identity, with the helping hand of the nature that surrounds us. This is the journey rooted in the past, but still contemporary. It is a journey we take every day and it’s soundtrack is called ‘Rok Spokojnego Słońca’.

‘Rok Spokojnego Słońca’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at NS Studio, by Piotr ‘Armia’ Pietrzak. All vocals were recorded at ZED Studio, by Tomasz ‘Zed’ Zalewski. Cover art, design and layout by Damian Szpiłyk.


  1. W światło stycznia
  2. Jodły
  3. Widma
  4. Bezimienna
  5. Rok spokojnego słońca
  6. Pierwszy śnieg

Mateusz ‘V’ Kujawa – Vocals
Jakub ‘Zagreus’ Olchawa – Guitars
Krzysztof Stanisz – Guitars
Dawid Wierzbicki – Bass
Marcin Pazera – Drums

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