João Pedro & Abelardo releases “Vem me Curar” video

As success is relative to accomplishing a successful task from start to finish, we can say that João Pedro & Abelardo are already born a success: they make romantic songs with a certain tone of humor, without losing the seriousness necessary to talk about love.
Debuting in the style “the newest sensation of the tracks of the Brazilian hearts”, the duo launches today the video clip “Vem me Curar”, paying homage to the tacky school of the Brazilian youtubers.
Between memes, cromakeys and allusions to apps and social networks, the duo invited artist and dancer Carol Marques to produce a choreography. Mixing references from brega and hip-hop, Carol created the dance-cure that packs popular bodies. João and Abelardo invited friends to participate in the video of their homes dancing and recording the choreography of the song from the comfort of their homes.

After many alternative projects, cults, walks through experimental sounds, beats and other chores that no longer satisfied their hearts, João Pedro Cé (Spatial Handicrafts) and Diego Abelardo (Agnostic Orchestra) started this new project together focused on the study and development of tacky music.

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