Kaupe announce upcoming album release

Florida progressive quartet Kaupe is excited to announce the release of their sophomore album Cognitive Dissonance on February 19th, 2021. The instrumental band offers up darkly atmospheric, film-score-style tracks against a visual backdrop of vivid scenes. Their carefully selected musical movements span decades of high-energy rock, metal, punk, new wave, and classical.

Hailing from Deland, FL, Kaupe was formed in the summer of 2016 by Brett Walker (guitar, also in Junior Bruce) and Marc Larabel (drums). Their debut full length album, The Depths, was released in the fall of 2018, reflecting influences including Faith No More, Converge, and Meshuggah to name a few. Before the pandemic of 2020 setback, Kaupe was playing to bigger audiences opening for such acts as Andrew W.K. and Virgil Donati.

The success of The Depths helped Kaupe fund their upcoming record Cognitive Dissonance. As the band puts it, this new record “takes you on an interstellar journey. As your mind takes off from planet to planet, you encounter birth, life, death, resurrection, hope, and ride big emotions in-between. Is this set to a video game? A film? Anime? You choose. It’s your journey.”

Kaupe is pronounced “kow-pei.”
•Marc Larabel — Drums
•Brett Walker — Guitar
•Pete Medrano — Bass
•Patrick Ross — Keyboards

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