Kesem stream new album “Post-Terra”

KESEM’s new album Post-Terra is streaming now exclusively at The Obelisk. The progressive, psychedelic rock album releases on the 24th September via Sentient Recordings.

Listen here: https://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2021/09/21/kesem-post-terra-stream-review/

The band comments:

“During lockdown in 2020, we put all our emotions from what we were going through, from being in lockdown, to anger from political insanity, to hope that any moment we would be free. We took all of that and put it into writing and recording our first full length album. Post-Terra is about stealing a spaceship and leaving this world to find a new place to start over in the stars.”

Creativity flows seamlessly from track to track in Post-Terra, exploring multiple moods and atmospheres whilst retaining a sound that clearly belongs to KESEM. The emotional frustration and desperation from events over the past year has been poured into their art. Thematically the album explores a narrative that is not afraid to delve into the dark and disturbing. And yet, musically, Post-Terra is a thrilling exploration not to be missed.

KESEM are:
Josh Austin – Bass, Vocals, 12 String Acoustic Guitar
Ben Daniel – Keys, Trumpet, Vocals, Mellophone, Bells, Woodblock
Jay Howard – Guitar, Sampler, Synth
Scott Werren – Drums, Djembe

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