Killer Aspect returns with powerful single “Naked Flame”

2004 founded Finnish rock band Killer Aspect is group that’s musicians connect to several Finnish well known bands (Apocalyptica, Sunrise Avenue, Warmen, Disco Ensemble etc.).

“Naked Flame is a story about love that breaks all of the boundaries. Love that doesn’t yield to man made artificial restrictions, ideologies or prejudices. It connects people, no matter where they come from.” Singer Max Paananen describes.

“Human being, who ironically tries to control everthing and everybody is finally on his knees in front of this power of nature” he continues.

Naked Flame is produced and recorded by Tuomas Kokko.

Killer Aspect is:
Max Paananen – vocals / keyboards
Teijo Jämsä – drums
Jukka Savela – guitar
Jaakko Teittinen – guitar / acoustic guitar
Jarkko Toivanen – bass

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