King Bong reveal “Beekse Bergen XXII” featuring Chis Haskett, (guitarist of Henry Rollins, Bowie and Tool)

Italian psychedelic rock group King Bong are thrilled to present their musical odyssey “Beekse Bergen XXII” featuring Chis Haskett, (guitarist of Henry Rollins, Bowie and Tool). A 34-minute improvisational compilation of music with fantastical imagery, this track is only one episode of the 4 hour saga that is their upcoming album OGOPOGO.
The band comments: “OGOPOGO is a complete and deep exploration of our musical universe. Together with Chris Haskett and Rosarita Crisafi we recorded 4 hours of improvisations along our map: outside it was a cold and grey winter weekend, while inside we plunged into the lake, ran through the swamps or took off to space. We hope you’ll have the time to come along with us on this outlandish journey: you’ll be rewarded by paradoxical sounds and grooves.”

Purchase: https://shop.mandronerecords.com/product/king-bong-ogopogo-4-digipack-box-set

OGOPOGO is released today through Mandrone Records. Inspired by the beauty of The Alps, each episode of the band’s fantastical Beekse Bergen saga takes listeners on a magical mystery tour in a fantastic land.
This adventure features two very special guests: Chis Haskett and Rosarita Crisalfi at the Saxophone.
Mandrone Records says of this unique offering: “We are proud to help King Bong to release this epic episode of the Beekse Bergen saga, OGOPOGO. The first time we listened to it, it was a proper ritual: dimmed lights, closed eyes and their music brought us from London to Milan. Our mind ended up in the studio with the band playing.
We already knew how big are the landscapes the trio is able to paint with their instruments, but Chris’ additional guitars and Rosarita Crisafi’s saxophone brought everything to a higher level. We merged with the music.
OGOPOGO will be released on the 5th of March as a digital download and in a Limited Edition of 50 box set of 4 CDs. Each box set is patiently crafted by the talented hands of Alberto, Andrea and Teo, who are now manufacturing this pure expression of DIY Philosophy. (So even if they can’t jam because of the lockdown, they are working together as a team)
The box set will be available on the band’s Bandcamp and on Mandrone Records Store as a special edition, which will include a printed map of the Beekse Bergen land.
It’s so cool to have these guys in Mandrone.”

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