Kings And Liars, straight-up heavy and catchy rock

Connecticut-based hard rock juggernaut KINGS AND LIARS – featuring brothers Charlie and Nick Bellmore (THE DEE SNIDER BAND, JASTA) and Christopher Taylor Beaudette (JASTA, ENTIERRO) will release their new album, Transition Animals, via Salt of the Earth Records.
Compared to previous releases, Transition Animals sees a more streamlined band returning to the spotlight as a three-piece, hell-bent on delivering some heavy as all hell, well-crafted, catchy songs.
The members of KINGS AND LIARS share international notoriety as members of some severely ass-kicking bands… Kingdom Of Sorrow, The Dee Snider Band, Jasta, Entierro, and Toxic Holocaust to name a few. Charlie and Nick Bellmore have also written and recorded material for the upcoming solo album by George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse).
Dummer Nick Bellmore is an uber-producer who has been at the helm of many many kick-ass releases. When great artists want to up the heavy, they call these guys.

MUSICWEBZINE – Hi there, first of all, tell us something about the band
we write monster riffs AND sing 3 part Harmony!

MUSICWEBZINE – Which is the main theme of your album ?
Letting go of the past and asking yourself if you’re good enough to move forward.

MUSICWEBZINE – What about the cover and the title of your album?
The cover is designed by John Fossum, I loved the Sam Kieth of it all (comic book nerds get that lol) and the title was an argument I had years ago. Someone didn’t believe in evolution and said “where are the transition Animals then” and I said “us…..that’s us” and it felt like a perfect title for this release

MUSICWEBZINE – Which bands has influenced your sound ?
All forms of east coast hardcore, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Crowbar and Queens of the Stone Age…..that’s today’s answer hahha

MUSICWEBZINE – Do you think that we can still live only on music?
It’s very hard, but if you just hustle and hustle it’s doable.

MUSICWEBZINE – That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Thanks for the flash interview, Kings and Liars Transition Animals is out now on salt of the earth records!

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