Kuoleman Galleria releases their fourth full length “Pedon Synty” in March

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria releases their fourth full length album “Pedon Synty” in March 24th 2023. The album continues the story that a year ago released third album “Armon Loppu” started. The singer Kimmo Jankkari describes the album “Pedon Synty is a turning point that crawls from the depths of your mind when you least expect it. It tears the wounds open and forces you to look at the truth straight from eye to eye. In the very end the thing that you fear is something else that you thought it to be. On this trip you might find something that will lead you yet to a different path.”

Now the first single and music video “Taudinkantaja” is released: “Taudinkantaja (Carrier of The Sickness) is a melodic piece from the gloomier side of metal. It dives deep into the darkest depths of the human mind. There’s buried something, a presence you can sense. Your dark side. And when you meet it, there’s no coming back.” singer Kimmo Jankkari talks about the song.

Check the music video: https://youtu.be/qiJH7PwmE-0
Listen to the song on music services: https://push.fm/fl/kuolemangalleria-taudinkantaja

Kärsimys kunniaan (Inverse 2016)
Pimeys saapuu pohjoiseen (Inverse 2017)
Armon loppu (Inverse 2022)
Pedon synty (Inverse 2023)

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