KX9000 shares a new single “Aqua Laguna”

Today, KX9000 shares a new track from its upcoming EP: “Aqua Laguna”. On this hypnotic and groovy musical game, following previously-released single “Hearing My Name”, Kerim Ben Mustapha invites Mangabey as a secret guest with whom he composed this track: “it all started as a jam in the studio, which we wanted to transform into a ‘disco not disco’ song filling up with groove” explains the Parisian producer.
KX9000 takes the opportunity to unveil the tracklisting of his new maxi 2L84ME, featuring collaborations with Tour-Maubourg, ddöve, the French singer with his delightfully soulful voice, Mangabey and another artist from Pont Neuf Records, TAOS .
Listen to “Aqua Laguna”, see 2L84ME EP (out on June 25th) info below and stay tuned for more from KX9000 soon.

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