La Menade – “Reversum” [Self Released]

The female trio celebrates more than 20 years of activity with a third album full of surprises and entirely sung in English, and this too is new. There are the concerns of post and nu metal, but also of new wave, industrial and dark music in general.

La Menade manages to evoke apocalyptic scenarios thanks to a singing that is never over the top, but rather capable of adding sadness and darkness to a record that is already very dark on an instrumental level. So the nice thing is to hear a band that after 20 years still wants to dare and question itself, and even more importantly, wants to only propose its own music without following any trend.

We move from Massive Attack to Tool, Porcupine Tree, Korn, Deftones, and even further, until we touch on pure electronics and dark music that has its roots in the Seventies (Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk), and even a pinch of The Cure from the early 1980s. In short, a really interesting album, with many valid pieces within it, and this is why we won’t name any in particular. La Menade today is a very valid reality and deserves the attention of many people!

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